Education From Kindergarten & Our Future

Have you ever wondered if you actually used things that you learned from Kindergarten, or even in the several years following in school? It’s a thought provoking question, because the basic building blocks of future knowledge were paved so to speak in the days of our early youth.
One professor from Harvard says,

“The information our brains soaked up in these early years is absolutely a piece of who we have become today.

It’s quite interesting to think about, but it makes a lot of sense. Things such as tying our shoes, or learning how to count were the first important pieces of knowledge which many other things learned over the years are based upon.

As technology advances, and we grow as a species, humans are finding new ways to alter the minds of children to the advancements of this technology, through vision and sound. Just think back less than 10 years ago before we knew what direction mobile devices would go.

Now mobile devices like iPhones and tablets are projecting video and being used to manage business. Some say e are moving further away from our human roots and that a new age of robotics will arise. This is why our youth matter so much. Shouldn’t we take a step back and look at what direction we are shaping the future? I think so, how about you?

Now I leave you this quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt to think about.



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True Quote On Education from MLK

We all know Martin Luther King Jr. was very influential in his time, and even more so today. He valued education, and realized that without it what he spoke was of no value to those who chose to remain ignorant of change.

Below is a valuable quote anyone who is considering their college education should think about. It helps you to appreciate the cost and effort put forth by parents, and those who paved the way for an easier education available to so many today.


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